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Short description

As part of a leading global company in the fields of gases, engineering and healthcare, we at Linde Dresden are increasingly focusing on products and technologies related to hydrogen and decarbonisation. In this way, we want to make a contribution to sustainability and environmental protection both regionally and globally.
In addition to hydrogen plants, our product portfolio also includes CO2, polyolefin and air separation plants.


  • Pullach near Munich



  • Germany: 4
  • Worldwide: 40


  • Germany: < 3000

We are hiring

  • Fields of specialisation: Mechanical Engineering, Process Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Process Safety, Environmental Engineering
  • Qualifications: Master of Science
  • We value: German and English language skills
  • Start as: Dual student (B.Sc.), intern (compulsory and voluntary), working student or direct entry

Entry opportunities

  • Internships
  • Working students
  • Theses
  • Direct entry

Our offers are aimed at students and graduates of the following faculties

  • Electrical Engineering, Information and Communication Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Process and Systems Engineering


Thierbach, Lisa

Address: Bodenbacher Street 80, 01277 Dresden

Phone: +49 351 250 3150


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