abaxor engineering GmbH



Brief description

abaxor engineering GmbH is an engineering company for FPGA design and electronics development. Embedded software rounds off our range of services. We develop customised solutions for industrial companies and accompany our customers from the idea to the prototype and series production. Our solutions are used, for example, in medical and measurement technology or the Internet of Things. The company was founded in 2008.


  • Porsestrasse 8, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

Number of employees

  • Germany: 10

We hire

  • Fields of study: Electrical engineering, information processing, computer science or comparable.
  • Qualifications: FPGA design, embedded software, knowledge of the programming languages C, C++, Python, knowledge of simulation tools such as Modelsim/Questa, Xilinx simulator.
  • We value: Curiosity, spirit of research, perseverance, problem-solving skills, good German and English skills.
  • Start as: Interns, working students, bachelor's/master's theses

Entry opportunities

  • Internships
  • Working students
  • Theses

Our offers are aimed at students and graduates of the following faculties

  • Electrical Engineering, Information and Communication Technology
  • Computer Science


Dr. Thomas Reinemann, Dr. Gunnar Gnad

Address: Porsestraße 8, 39104 Magdeburg

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