Münsmedia GmbH



Brief description

As a young, owner-managed digital agency based in Magdeburg, we design and develop websites and web applications for demanding medium-sized customers from all over Germany, Austria and Switzerland. With a strong focus on creative ideas, technical excellence and agile project management, 13 competent minds work in Magdeburg on the digital topics of tomorrow.

+ digital solutions since 2009

+ from Magdeburg

+for craftsmen, medium-sized businesses, public clients, hidden champions, brands, startups and agencies



  • Schönebecker Str. 54, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany


  • Germany: Magdeburg

Number of employees

  • Germany: 13

We are hiring:

  • Fields of study: Computer science, business informatics, media education
  • Qualifications: Bachelor, Master
  • We value: Prior knowledge of web development, independent work style.
  • Start as: Junior web developer:in, frontend developer:in, backend developer:in
  • Other: Trainer:in IT Security

Entry level opportunities:

  • Internships (1 internship/semester in connection with thesis)
  • Working students (1 web development, 10-20/week)
  • Theses (1 per semester, bachelor thesis, project thesis)
  • Direct entry( 2 full time/ part time)

Personnel from the following disciplines/faculties are preferred:

  • Computer Science


Müns, Nino, Managing Director

Schönebecker Str. 54, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

Tel. 0391-50549380



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