MDCC Magdeburg-City-Com GmbH



Short description

MDCC Magdeburg-City-Com GmbH has been the local provider of internet, telephony and television services for private and business customers since 1997. We at MDCC make sure that our customers stay connected. In a team of professionals, everyone plays their part in ensuring the provision of multimedia services for Magdeburg and the surrounding area - that's why everyone here at MDCC is a local player.


  • Magdeburg


  • Germany: Magdeburg

Number of employees

  • Germany: 120

Branches of industry

  • IT / Telecommunications

We are hiring

  • Fields of study: IT staff; network administrator; system technician.
  • Qualifications: Training and/or studies in information and communication technology or computer science.
  • We attach importance to:  Ability to work in a team, flexibility; technical understanding; interest in new challenges and tasks.

Entry opportunities

  • Theses (2 students)
  • Direct entry (2-3 employees) Full-time (38 hours/week)


Boxhorn, Daniela

Address: Weitlingstraße 22, 39104 Magdeburg

Phone: +49 391 5874730


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