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Brief description

We are the joint venture of TraceTronic and Volkswagen - thus combining enormous knowledge from the fields of vehicle production, software development and automation. This joint know-how forms the basis for our vision: the Continuous Integration-Factory (CI-Factory), which will support all VW Group brands in the integration and safeguarding of highly complex vehicle functions.


  • Stuttgarter Straße 3, 01189 Dresden, Germany


  • Germany: Dresden, Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt

Number of employees

  • Germany: 75

We are hiring:

  • Fields of study: Computer science, business informatics, natural sciences, mechatronics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering
  • Qualifications: Knowledge of at least one programming language
  • We value: Motivation and independent working style
  • Start as: Intern, working student, permanent employee (software developer, system engineer)
  • Other: We are a young company - tell us what you can do and we will discuss internally what we can offer you. Maybe we don't know yet that we need exactly you!

Entry opportunities:

  • Internships (compulsory and voluntary; software development and engineering; scope by arrangement)
  • Working students (software development and engineering; scope by arrangement)
  • Theses (after preliminary internship by arrangement)
  • Trainees (entry-level positions in software development and engineering)
  • Direct entry (software development and engineering)

Personnel from the following disciplines/faculties are preferred:

  • Electrical engineering, information and communication technology
  • Computer science
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Economics


Mareike Diercks

Stuttgarter Strasse 3, 01189 Dresden

Tel. +49160 4312514 

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