Avacon Netz GmbH


Short description

As one of the largest regional energy supply companies in Germany, the Avacon group of companies brings energy exactly where millions of people need it. Fast, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly. We are a partner for regional energy solutions in the areas of electricity, gas, water, heating, cooling, mobility and lighting. We connect people in our grid area with energy via our intelligent energy grids.


  • Helmstedt


  • Germany: primarily Helmstedt, Salzgitter, Hanover, Sarstedt

Number of employees

  • 2.800

We are hiring

  • Fields of study: Electrical engineering, engineering sciences, business administration, controlling, business informatics, industrial engineering.
  • Qualifications: Bachelor and Master
  • We value: We are looking for creative explorers, passionate designers, customer savvy and genuine team players who are keen to join us on the path to the energy supply of the future.
  • Start as: Internship, student trainee, thesis, trainee, direct entry.

Entry opportunities

  • Working students
  • Theses
  • Trainee
  • Direct entry

Our offers are aimed at students and graduates of the following faculties

  • Electrical Engineering, Information and Communication Technology
  • Computer Science
  • Economics 


Tim Schimmelpfennig

Schillerstraße 3, 38350 Helmstedt

Phone: +49 5351-123-34751



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