Brief description

Innovative, by tradition: Since 1966, FERCHAU has been developing high-quality technical solutions for industries in which the excellence of engineering and IT determines success. Today, we see ourselves as an independent platform where we bring together the right experts with the demanding tasks of companies. Together, we reach the next level technologically and thus ensure the future viability of our customers. FERCHAU-Connecting People and Technologies for the Next Level.


  • Gummersbach


  • Germany: 93
  • Worldwide: 110

Number of employees

  • Germany: 8700
  • Worldwide: 9800

We hire

  • Fields of study: Mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, plant engineering, IT, electrical engineering, automation engineering, economics, industrial engineering
  • Qualifications: Initial work experience in the form of pratica and final theses
  • We value: Ability to communicate and work in a team, flexibility, sense of responsibility
  • Start as: Engineer (m/f/d), Design engineer (m/f/d), Software developer (m/f/d), Industrial engineer (m/f/d), Economist (m/f/d)

Entry opportunities

  • Working students (Sales and Human Resources)
  • Trainee (Sales)
  • Direct entry


Hellbach, Stefanie

Address: An der Steinkuhle 2d-e, 39128 Magdeburg

Phone: +49 391244599-22


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