Warning notice about EXPO GUIDE, MULPOR Company, International Fairs Directory and other dubious providers

Due to the current occasion, we would like to warn you of dubious mail from foreign companies who want to sneak a fee-based entry in a business directory eg. under the guise of the Firmenkontaktmesse (career fair). Therefore our note at this point:







We have no business relationship to the following companies


  • Construct Data Verlag AG
  • MULPOR Company
  • International Fairs Directory
  • or similar dubious providers


and explicitly distance ourselves from the business practices of these companies. You will never receive such a request from us.

We have been informed that exhibitors of our events were contacted from companies such as International Fairs, EXPO GUIDE from Mexico, MULPOR Company or similar dubious companies. These companies send order forms for catalog entries that at first glance might look as if they came from us. Exhibitors are also asked to compare company data and to complete or correct it in an attached order form in order to enable users to contact the exhibitor without any problems. Exhibitors who comply with this request conclude a multi-year contract for the publication of their company data, which results in annual costs of more than EUR 3000. We expressly make it clear that we have no connection to these companies at all and other companies that make such offers on our behalf. We expressly distance ourselves from the business practices of these companies.

If you already have already signed the order letter for International Fairs, Expo Guide, Fair Guide or Construct Data Verlag or similar, we strongly advise you to contest your declaration immediately for fraudulent deception.

In addition, you should terminate the contract in order to exclude a purchase obligation for the future. In this context, we refer to the judgment of the Cologne District Court of 04.07.2007, "Az. 9 S 44/07. (Https://openjur.de/nw/lg_koln-rspr.html)

Thereafter, the acceptance of the offer for entry in an Internet directory may be contestable despite mention of the monthly / annual costs due to fraudulent deception, if the offer otherwise results in a deception by means of presentation and wording. Finally, you should contact a lawyer immediately to check whether payment is required. Offers from other publishers or trade fair publications are not related to events organized by our company!

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