hygiene rules

The current hygiene rules of the University of Magdeburg (https://www.ovgu.de/corona.html) based on the current containment ordinance of the state of Saxony-Anhalt (https://coronavirus.sachsen-anhalt.de/amtliche-informationen/) apply to participation in the event.

According to this, the 3G concept (tested / vaccinated / recovered) applies. On the day of the event in building 22, participants have to carry proof of the current 3G status with them and show it on request (via QR code or written proof). The OVGU pass is sufficient for students. Information on this can be found under this link: https://pass.ovgu.de.

Exhibitors also have to carry an exhibitor pass with them for legitimation.

The following test centers in Magdeburg can be used for a current corona test:

- Pharmacies in Magdeburg https://www.mein-apothekenmanager.de/covid-19-schnelltest-suche?search=39110

- More test options Corona rapid test center in Magdeburg (schnelltest-magdeburg.de)

- For members of the University of Magdeburg https://www.ovgu.de/testzentrum.html


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